You’re in a room with floor length curtains and large mirrors on every wall. The floor is covered in soiled clothes, needles, crack pipes and sex toys. You’re on a mattress in the middle of the floor. You can’t move. The mirrors are angled towards you so you can be seen from anywhere in the house. You’ve been drugged. You’re too weak to move. You know because this isn’t the first time. You wake up with red holes on your arm and they’re still fresh. They still itch. You’re shaking. You were offered a drink and by time you realise it’s laced with a daterape drug, it’s too late. A man comes in the room. Your heart is racing. He see’s you. You try asking for help. He stares at you, takes pictures and leaves. You’re struggling to breathe. Your legs are swollen; you’re kidney’s are failing. You’re shaking uncontrollably, you’re organs are failing. You can feel yourself fading. You are dying. You think of your mother. You want to call her. You want to tell her goodbye. You gasp for air. It feels like your heart is being crushed; you’re having a heart attack. The man comes back. He’s staring at you. He doesn’t help. He won’t. He’s waiting for you to die. You have your first seizure. Your death will break your mothers heart.

Excerpt from Gemmel Moore's diary. Bucks first (known) victim

Those were the last moments of 26 year old Gemmel Moore and 55 year old Timothy Michael Dean who both died of an overdoses on July 27th 2017 and on January 7th 2019. What do these two deaths have in common? They both died in the home of Ed Buck. Buck’s lawyer has claimed that these deaths are the result of Buck’s charitable nature and him working with ‘troubled youth’. But according to many, many, many accounts, Ed Buck has a fetish for forcibly injecting black men with lethal overdoses.

Ed Buck is a political campaigner for gay and animal rights. He has donated various amounts of money to democratic campaigns including that of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Buck uses his political knowledge to know which communities best to target. Black people struggle to receive justice in the best of circumstances. It took nearly 2 decades for R. Kelly to receive any backlash for raping children. Buck knows that America doesn’t care about black people; and due to homophobia in the black community, a lot of black people don’t care about gay people. So men, who are black AND gay, are the perfect victim’s for Buck.

'He's a man of privilege, he has influence and wealth and he knew that if he chose young black, vulnerable gay men, that nobody would care, that their lives are expendable - nobody is gonna care what happens to them.’ – Jasmyne Cannick, journalist

Excerpt from Gemmel Moore's diary. Bucks first (known) victim

His reputation in the black gay community goes back decades. At some point, as a black gay man in LA if you find yourself in a rough spot financially you will meet Ed Buck.

“I ended up getting arrested and going to jail for fraud around 2014. Somebody told me about Ed Buck. Just randomly. ‘Oh he’d be good for you.’ And I’m like okay what’s that supposed to mean? I’m thinking they’re just being messy and they were like, ‘No, you’re going to meet him. I bet you meet him.’ –
Blake an anonymous victim of Buck (who later died August 2018)

He trawls the downtown LA, Santa Monica BLVD where homeless black men live and offers them money to come home with him. He targets them because they’re especially vulnerable and knows they’ll struggle to refuse. They can’t afford to.

“When you [Buck] out here getting these Black kids–Black only kids–off the street that are out there trying–because they have nowhere else to go so they are willing to do whatever so they can survive.” - Blake

Ed Buck likes to watch black men die. This is his fetish. From the various first-hand accounts and dating site bio’s it’s clear that he finds sexual gratification in watching some(thing) stronger than him die at his hands.

He injected me with steroids–I think it was steroids. Just so I could grow weight. He said I was getting too skinny.- Blake

An encounter with Ed Buck will typically go like this:

  • As soon as you arrive Buck will want you to change out of your clothes and in what he wants you to wear.

' 'He gave me some Tommy Hilfiger tighty whities, a muscle t-shirt and some long johns. White knee-high socks. The underwear was laid around the bed. Everything is all folded up, nice and neat.' – Jermaine Gagnon another of Bucks victims

  • You will be ordered to immediately start smoking crystal meth to earn your money

‘…and he wants to shoot up and he wants to do shots inside your penis so you can stay hard’‘Blake’

  • · Once high he will take you to a place in his house he calls ‘The Gates Of Hell’ (red curtains and red lights) and take pictures of you posing and make you flex your muscles. This is important; you will not be paid without these pictures.

‘Like you had to be really strong. Then he had, when you walked in, this red light–I think I gave you a picture with the wife beater on with the red light in the background. He calls that the gates of hell.’‘Blake’

  • Then he will offer you a glass of Gatorade; which will be laced with GHB (date rape drug)

‘we did the usual, I changed into his clothes. I drank most of the Gatorade then within a few minutes, I felt woozy.

I didn't feel like my normal self. I was so scared. I felt the sensation of death. I felt death walked into my soul. I said, 'Mom, I feel like he's going to kill me, I think I'm going to die. I could barely keep my eyes open. I was real drowsy and limp. I was laying in the middle of the floor.' – Jermaine Gagnon

  • Once you pass out, or become to weak to resist; Buck will inject you with heroin and restrict the blood flow in your genitals.

‘Oh yeah he likes to tie our balls when we passed out or something with cockrings.’‘Blake’

  • If you come to and find yourself struggling to breathe or simply…dying you will find Ed Buck wandering around the house, occasionally checking on you to watch you die.

‘Gagnon said that Buck didn't say anything while he was lying on the floor unable to move and just moved around, watching him: 'He was touching things, periodically picking things up and moving them around. He was quiet as a church mouse but you can feel when someone has an agenda. He took my phone. I was so scared – ‘Daily Mail interviewing Gagnon

All of this points to a monster. And it's telling that a lot of the behaviour Ed Buck engages in is similar to that of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer:

Buck offers $100 to smoke for an hour.
Dahmer offered $50 to pose for photos.

Buck is addicted to crystal meth and heroin.

‘…Blake accused Buck of getting too high himself saying he would sometimes stay awake for days, and said Buck had friends who came over and would shoot meth into his neck for him.’

Dahmer was kicked out of the military for alcoholism.

Buck drugs his victims with spiked Gatorade before injecting them with meth.
Dahmer drugs his victims, before injecting acid and boiling water into their skulls.

Buck’s kink is watching his victims struggle to breathe from overdoses.
Dahmer’s kink was his victims being completely incapacitated.

Buck makes his drugged victims pose in an area lit with bright red lights he calls ‘The Gates Of Hell’. He takes photos as trophies.
Dahmer kept body parts of his victims in the freezer.

Buck's dating profile where his type is '...a 6 foot ni__er'

Buck is a racist who targets black men to humiliate and torture them:

‘…Blake says that Buck would call him “nigger” and “Black boy” and make him wear leather and dirty clothes’

Dahmer was also a racist who targeted black men for the same reason:

‘He (Dahmer) was a very racist individual, and once he started drinking, he became a very obnoxious individual.’

Every part of Buck's identity is based around torturing vulnerable black men. From his donations to influential politicians, to his LGBTQIA activism to serve as a cover for his violent fetishes. Even his name is derived from slavermasters emasculating black slaves by raping them in front of their families.

Whether or not it is a merely a sinister coincidence or a signal of his intentions; it is clear that similar to those slavemasters Ed Buck enjoys destroying powerful black bodies and will not stop. The very night that Gemmel Moore’s body was being carried out of Buck’s house he was already ordering more black men to his house. Not just the same night but at the very same time. The police were still there and asked him to leave.

This cavalier attitude to not only death but the law enforcement shows a man comfortable with the fact that he will never see justice. More and more black men will die and Ed Buck will become so brazen with his crimes it will take likely 2 documentaries, numerous court dates and people coming forward and maybe by 2038 we’ll be ready to start making him face consequences. Till then we’ll just have to acknowledge that for every Barack or Kamala that can hold the powerful position on the planet there’s a Gemmel and a Timothy who are at the bottom and it’s clear that black lives don’t matter.