Arguably, obsession with shoes in fashion dates back to the the 1980s. With athleisure taking over, trainers and sneakers were given an even higher level of importance as an aspirational purchase for many. Many point towards the 1986 Run DMC collaboration with Adidas as the catalyst for the craze. With the intersection of hip-hop and grunge; popular culture with sportswear. The group were iconic, not only for their music, but for their consistent sporting of Adidas trainers - so why not make it official?

'It was a song that was about our sneakers, but it was bigger than just talking about how many pairs of sneakers we had. It came from the place of people would look at the b-boys, the b-girls and go, 'Oh, those are the people that cause all the problems in here.' And, 'Those young people are nothing but troublemakers and those young people don't know nothing.' So they was judging the book by its cover, without seeing what was inside of it.' - D.M.C

The song was the first single from their highest selling third album 'Raising Hell'. The band's manager, Lyor Cohen, invited Adidas executive Angelo Anastasio to a show on July 19, 1986. As a display of power the band instructed the audience to hold up their Adidas apparel during the song. The group then made a video where they addressed Adidas with a verse shouting 'Give us a million dollars!'.
My Adidas’ was a pinnacle moment. Buying the shoes became a show of love for the brand as well as the band; with fans waving their Adidas trainers at Run DMC concerts for years. In 2013 Adidas Originals as part of their 'Unite All Originals' campaign released Run-DMC Superstar 80's in honour of the groups importance to the brand.

Run-DMC started what would become a cornerstone in Hip Hop culture. This deal is credited with influencing future endorsement deals between brands and musicians in hip hop culture.