Hella people were asking for the meaning behind the name JEHU-CAL, mad pressures from every angle, word to Skepta. I thought it would be easiest to put it on the website as I do think it is vital you understand the brand you are buying into and what it represents.

My actual full name is Jehu-cal Emmanuel Enemokwu, I go by EMAY4K now but Jehu-cal is mans government name and I am the owner/founder of JEHU-CAL.

"Oh my gosh he's so unoriginal he just used his name for his brand" nah chill there's a very valid reason behind it and you probably wear Ralph Lauren and that's his name so sekkle down G your nan wants Jehu-cal for Christmas.

I was born in Newham, throughout primary school my name has been mocked and bantered since day 1. Kids are mean bro, they can really say some shit to knock your confidence lmao. But yeah I know all my Nigerian bruddas out there know it's long when your government name gets disclosed in school and gyaldem don't look at you the same anymore. I was getting mocked everyday, it became a platform for more jokes leading to me being a really angry kid. I was suspended from primary school multiple times for violence because of it, I used to always get in trouble and eventually my mum said " nah G we're moving to the countryside the ends aren't for u blud" so yeah, moved to fucking Hertfordshire and started riding cows to school.

Fast forward to secondary school same shit happened again, people found out my name was Jehu-cal and the jokes and shit started againnnn and this lead on to other jokes about my lips being big, having a drop lip, my teeth not being straight, being really tall, having a lisp, being African and not having the coolest clothes (but these times gyaldem tell me they love my height, big lips and style now so i'm outchea tho) but yeah shit hurt because people used to make the maddest jokes by doing shit like pulling their bottom lip down when they saw me, comparing me to pics of horses and shit and just hella tings and this came from people in my year, year above and even year below but i was a bitch yute and just used to firm it and laugh it off then sit in my room pissed off.

I really started to get into fashion in my early years of secondary school, I would spend hours looking at the brands worn by my favourite artists such as Maison Margiela, Supreme, Rick Owens etc but I was young with no job and my dad did not believe in spending hundreds of pounds on individual garments for someone so young, so man had me kitted out in Uniqlo and Vans (funnily enough they're my favourite brands now). So when it came to non-uniform days I was getting roasted for my fits, this is when I started to go home, designing my own clothes and a world where Jehu-cal would be the brand everyone wants to be wearing.

So yeah I guess you could say I got bullied but I don't even like that word because it makes me feel trash but yeah when it came to deciding on the name for my clothing line I chose Jehu-cal because I wanted to turn something that I used to get bullied and mocked for ( an 'L' ) into my success ( a 'W' ), that was lowkey corny but that's basically it.

Even in university I still get mocked for shit like my teeth but that shit doesn't affect me anymore because I'm highkey in love with my imperfections now because that shit and everything I've been through made me Emay ( or Jehu-cal ) and since I learned to love my imperfections I've been way happier. I really used to hate myself and how I looked bro but now the people that used to mock me are the ones messaging me on twitter and shit asking for style advice and when I'm releasing certain clothes etc, it's mad how tables turn so don't let that idiot in your class tell you you can't achieve what you want.

This isn't a brand I just thought of overnight, this is just the first Instalment into the world I've been building in my head since secondary school.

And if you made it this far, thanks for reading this, it means a lot.