With the current state of the planet it’s hard to be shocked these days but ‘Feed ‘Em To The Lions’ MC Solo 45’s list of crimes manages that rare feat. Currently on trial Solo 45 (real name: Andy Anokye) is charged with 22 counts of rape, 2 counts of ABH (actual bodily harm), 5 counts of false imprisonment and 2 counts of assault by penetration. The full extent of his crimes is horrific. So take a gigantic trigger warning before reading this article that is following the trial and goes into detail regarding his crimes.

So why is no one talking about it?

Power. Plain and simple.

R Kelly’s been raping children since the 90’s but it took over 2 decades for people to finally stop using ‘Ignition is a bop tho!’ as an excuse.
Why wasn’t his career immediately over when that tape leaked? Because he was one of the most powerful men in the industry. R Kelly’s record label, lawyers and money had any journalists and artists scared to speak out. And if they did they’d discover one of two things: either their career was over or the story would quickly be shutdown.

Now? While R. Kelly still sells out shows, that’s not money his label gets and saleswise he’s not quite worth a label protecting the way they once did when he was selling 8 million albums.
So now that he’s no longer as powerful as he once was; it’s open season. Following the nightmarish ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary; Twitter was awash with hot takes on the monster R. Kelly is; but absolute silence when the news of Solo 45 crimes broke ON THE SAME DAY.
That’s because while no one in the BBK camp is defending him; they’re still a very powerful camp in our small scene to get on the wrong side of.
So for the most part the same woke Twitter that came for R. Kelly is Bird Box to Solo 45.

Solo 45 is the tip, not the iceberg. While his crimes are everything from cruel (literal water torture) to bizarre (demanding to be called a ‘ni__r’ during sex) don’t let that fool you into thinking that he’s the only violent predator in the scene. Anokye’s trial started exactly 2 years after registered sex offender DVS was given a 23 year sentence for a litany violent sexual assaults and 10 months after Radar Radio closed its doors following numerous sexual harassment allegations against the staff and DJ’s (the same DJ’s who left as they felt they couldn’t work in a toxic environment…that they created) If #metoo has proven anything it’s that any male dominated industry is likely to come at the expense of the women working in it. It’s far from unique to the music industry and the crimes go unreported for the same reasons.

We all know a Solo 45. And some of us are even friends with them. We perform mental gymnastics to justify their existence in our lives and downplay their questionable behaviour. But this is the same reason Solo 45’s and R. Kelly’s will always exist. They need supporters; a team of people that help them continue to abuse women. Whether it’s by literally trapping and restraining women or turning a blind eye and allowing abuse to continue.

The more people talk about solo 45 the more this will encourage others to come forward and that will hurt a lot of careers. And so it’s likely this will be the last you’ll hear about this story.