Because conspiracy theories give you control; they make sense.

What's more frightening?

The idea that Nipsey Hussle was assassinated by pharmaceutical companies that profit from AIDS treatment; due to his documentary shining a larger spotlight on the man who (claimed) to have cured both diseases?


Nipsey Hussle was killed because of jealousy?Nipsey Hussle's goals were influenced by black men whose relationship with the government was cantankerous at best. And this was before Trump.

When the government went out of their way to make sure their malicious intentions were somewhat clandestine. Now? With Trump it's very easy to paint a picture of the government becoming threatened by a black man empowering his community. Nipsey Hussle was shot 5 times in the chest and once in the head on March 31st following an altercation with Eric Holder outside his clothing store. He became a multi millionaire and instead of moving to Calabasas; he stayed in the neighbourhood he grew up in and literally bought back the block. He gave jobs to the homeless and worked with children to help better his community. He did absolutely everything right and that's where the conspiracies come in. Simply because 1. It's hard to believe anyone would want to kill him but 2. It means the same could happen to you.

Conspiracies are more about the people who believe in them than the conspiracy itself.

Take 9/11. Again, what's worse?

A number of unfortunate people were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were sacrificed as part of a government conspiracy?


Any time you get on a plane you run the risk of it being hijacked and you will be die a horrific death in a political protest whether you like it or not?

There's security in a conspiracy. What decent person doesn't want to contribute to the neighbourhood that gave them everything? A conspiracy tells you that you can do that and provided you don't get on the wrong side of a pharmaceutical company, you'll be just fine. The truth is success breeds jealousy. Even planning to be successful breeds jealously. Who hasn't had a plan shot down by someone not out of love or caution but out of clear jealousy? Having goals and attempting to reach them can put you in the crosshairs of people who would happily waste their lives doing nothing as long as you are right beside them.
And that's unfortunately what killed Nipsey Hussle.

To suggest that there was a conspiracy against Nipsey is to completely ignore human nature and while there are many unbelievable conspiracy theories that have proven to be true; this tragically isn't one of them.

While there are some who are talking about a conspiracy for attention and page views; most of those convinced Nipsey was assassinated; do so because the reality is to awful to accept. Nipsey was murdered by a person he knew; a person who looked just like him in the very community he had known his whole life. And for many, that's a reality they'd rather not face.