Bruce Throdown/Word on the Curb - Black Mans Burden

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Word on the Curb delivers Black Lives Matter Tribute single "Black Man's Burden" by an anonymous artist

North London youth culture platform Word on the Curb tirelessly provide content for underrepresented young people, as well as helping brands and charities connect more authentically with them. They were also the driving force behind amplifying Londoners’ voices against the government’s infamous #knifefree chicken box campaign, encouraging the community to share their suggestions for solutions on how the government should tackle serious youth violence in the capital.

Their work meant the #knifefree chicken box campaign was withdrawn, and they were invited to come to the Home Office to critique, advise and share ideas on how specialised violence reduction units across the country can engage effectively with young people.

They now return with an anonymous music project. Under the anagram of Bruce Throdown, they release the track ‘Black Man’s Burden’ - donating all profits to Black Lives Matter UK and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

The track is a damning and truthful retelling of the UK’s racist past and present, referencing the whitewashing of Black history, Mark Duggan, The Brixton Riots, the treatment of Megan Markle and more. The outro is an account from a woman who was present during the Brixton riots of 1981, from the documentary Battle for Brixton.

“We wanted to release the track to raise issue and light on the burden of being a black man or woman and all of the cases that have preceded this moment, namely in the UK, hence some of the names that we mention.”

‘Black Man’s Burden’ is available to buy and stream from Friday 5th June 2020 on all online platforms here

Please see Lyric Video below

All single profits will go to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Black Lives Matter UK