Samuel Ross the founder of A COLD WALL revealed A COLD WALLS second collection called 'SILCA'. This collection is heavily shaped tech wear at its finest. A COLD WALL is constantly setting trends with its adaptive designs and genius shaping. This collection was designed for SS19.

This collection is Ross showing the unison of wearability and style bring a ‘more human’ feel to the collection which is staple with Ross’s garments. The outwear pieces boasting angled and defined cuts and shapes, reflecting back to the focus on wearability but still grasping that innovative style A COLD WALL is known for.

The collection celebrates the cultural influence artist like the late Zaha Hadidhave brought us with their work. Focusing hugely on the design, shape and process of the garments. This collection has steered clear of the heavy graphical trend we are still currently in. Possible knew trend! Minimalistic, shaped and tonal wear could bring us into the winter season?