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Billionaire Boys Club EU officially announces it has become a standalone brand, and is the premium tier within the brands’ universe.

In 2005, Trends & Tags favourite Pharell Williams partnered with Japanese streetwear designer and fashion icon NIGO (A Bathing APE) to create a brand to revolutionise and push the limits in the clothing and accessory space. 15 years later, they have achieved just that using only the best materials, creating limited runs to increase exclusivity and setting pricing strategies that were advantageous in order to make a statement and make their mark in the streetwear world. In 2020, the brand has reached global success and a respected status, focussing on unique designs combining streetwear and high quality styles influenced by fashion, music, art and culture.

Due to this success, it led to global expansion and Billionaire Boys Club EU was formed, headed by the expert vision of Craig Ford (CEO of BBC EU) and Ross Westland (BBC Creative Director) with more concentration on european trends and culture creating premium collections and collaborations. Originality and staying true to the EU culture has always been at the forefront of BBC EU and therefore it was encouraged by Pharell Williams to create a separate EU line that had different responsibility and criteria to the US apparel.

Spring 2020 - Heart & Mind Varsity Jacket (left), Reflective Trim Nylon Track Pant (right)

“When we launched the brand, BBC/ICECREAM always had great representation within Europe, and this has grown even stronger over the last 5 years with the development of Billionaire Boys Club EU. I visited the showroom in Paris last year and was blown away with the quality and execution of the EU collections. I told my team “we need to call this BBC EU and segment it from the US line”. I’m humbled to officially announce that Billionaire Boys Club EU is the premium tier within the BBC/ICECREAM Universe.” - Pharell Williams

New Spring 20 Collection (left), Radio Graphic T-Shirt (top right), Military Track Pants (Bottom right)

The brand remains committed to embracing originality, creativity and self-expression, and the EU team has been entrusted with delivering premium collections and exclusive collaborations that are aligned to the demands of the European market.

NIGO & Pharell Williams iced out in BBC

"Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams, See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?" - Pharell Williams

Droppin it like it's hot! Check out the Billionaire Boys Club EU Spring 2020 lookbook video!

Words by Ali Walji

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