Classic workwear brand Dickies and cultural giant Marvel have teamed up with this iconic collaboration. Dickies renown for its staple workwear meets bold, colourful and iconic comic book heroes we all know and love. What more could you want?

Featuring mainly hoodies, sweatshirts and American Football Jerseys, Classic Dickies wear has been hit with an explosion of colour and heavy retro set graphics. The collaboration sees household legends such as Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America. The characters are shown in their classic comic book form with a nod to the old retro artwork style of the time, with the original graphic novel title logos bringing a handrenderd finish to the collaboration. It is a meeting of creative, bold and playful imagination on well made work-gear, it is a coming of age throwback which we can all relate to.

The set has full graphic hoodies showing off the old graphic novel style and sticking to current trends but in a playful way. The must have from this set is the all over printed sweatshirt boasting comic book titles including the famous Marvel branding. It is bold, bright and a perfect on season statement piece. With the international popularity of Marvel this a safe sweat shirt to pick up as it will always be seen as stylish retro.

This collaboration is due to drop from November 7 in selected stores.