So it’s fashion month and everyone is searching the internet to find stand-out outfits to slay the streets of every fashion capital globally. Today, I’m bringing you the next new hype straight from Japan and Hong Kong, the very heart of fashion in Asia; VDOPE streetwear.

Since urban Streetwear is booming around the world, it’s their time to shine. It started in 2017 with a dream of bringing East Asian streetwear to westernised countries such as the US and UK. They are universal, so if you’d rather catch flights than feelings, VDOPE streetwear is the brand to be wearing while you’re doing just that.

Their collections feature oversized distressed denim, bright, bold prints and even glow in the dark cargo pants – so if you want to be seen, there’s no doubt that everyone will be copping a couple garms from this new discovery soon. Who wouldn’t want east Asian street and westernised street to fuse and join forces? All your snap stories will be poppin’ by the time these garms drop on your socials.

So, what are you waiting for? Represent the ends you’re from today in VDOPE streetwear, and in no time you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips.