Tailoring is a major trend this season, with many of the designers from the recent fashion weeks including a statement tailored piece in their collections. Whether that be a strong blazer for that 70s revival or a full blown 2 piece, get in touch with your structured side this Autumn.

Balenciaga just showed at Paris Fashion week with a futuristic, LED vibe collection, featuring many strong tailored items. A key piece being a structured blazer dress, pushing boundaries of body structure and creating a powerful look. Demna Gvasalia, head designer for Balenciaga, said of the structured pieces and their inspiration “It’s neo-tailoring, a new glamour for a new generation that haven’t grown up with it.” Their is a definite taste for a revival of previous decades in this collection while trying to present a new, modern look for the brand, a contradiction between the two creates a really interesting set for AW 2018. Demna even shows this blue dress, seeming to be draped but actually has a strong stucture to it, changing the shape of the body, perfectly showing his play with the old and new.

The latest Louis Vuitton collection at Paris Fashion Week also played with this new tailoring trend, especially with their focus on changing gender norms. This structured suit worn by a gender neutral model wearing heeled boots is reversing the 1970s power suit for women and making it a power suit for all. Tailored suits, blazers, trouser, etc. have always been seen as a symbol of power, most often male power, but now times have changed and the suit has stayed a symbol, but now a symbol of that change.

Use tailoring this AW 2018 to kick ass, wear it to push your values and opinions, tailor your wardrobe to YOU.